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* Drop off your items for Voyager to sell.*

Warm Weather Gear ONLY

20% of your sales will be donated to Voyager Youth Program



1. Drop off your items for the swap at the Space To Create Building, 675 Clinton St, in Ridgway on Saturday May 4 between 9 and 11 am.  Do not take items to retailers, their sales are separate from Voyager's gear swap. We will only accept warm-weather recreational gear and apparel in GOOD condition. Save winter gear for the fall Ski & Gear Swap.

2. Register in person. Online registration closed at 8 am on May 4.


3. Day of: Bring a hard copy of your inventory list of merchandise that includes: your name, item description, price. You can make your own or use this INVENTORY LIST Template.


4. Day of: Tag your items with merchandise tags that we will provide (Seller No., Item Description, Price).  Please plan ahead and budget enough time for tagging all of your items by 11 am. Voyager is not responsible for lost or mislabeled items.


5. Leave your items for us to sort and sell.


6. Pickup your unsold items between 4 pm - 6 pm on Saturday, May 4. Any unclaimed items after 6 pm will be donated to Second Chance Humane Society.


7. Put your cape on: 20% of the proceeds from your sales will support Voyager's programs for Ouray County youth. We will send you a check no later than May 17, 2024.

Contact: Agnieszka at


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To register your business with Ridgway FUSE submit this FORM

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