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Ouray After School Program

Fun. Creativity. Growth.

The Ouray After School Program provides enrichment care for children ages 5 to 11, Mondays to Thursdays, during the academic year after school until 5:30pm and is based out of the Ouray school.  During school holidays, transportation and full day care for Ouray kids, 8am to 5:30pm, is offered at Voyager’s campus in Ridgway.  The program builds social-emotional skills, wellness, responsibility, creativity, and positive relationships.  Credentialed staff lead age appropriate activities that include crafting, reading, homework help, mindfulness, swimming at the Ouray Hot Springs, and lots of outdoor play.  On full days, students explore beyond Voyager’s campus to hike, visit museums, recreation venues, and art studios.


Ouray students are picked up by staff right after school and walk to activities either at the school, Ouray Library or Ouray Pool.  Alternatively, Ouray students can attend the Ridgway After School Program by taking the Ouray school bus to Ridgway.



$10 for after school hours

$50 for full day care on school holidays

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Enrollment forms will be filled out through Enrollsy.

Please ensure you have all forms submitted before your child attends. Voyager cannot accept participants without an enrollment form. 

For any questions please email the Enrichment Site Director: Madison Gustafson.

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